Manfred Schulz

about me

Born:     1943

Living in:   Karlsruhe, Southwest-Germany

Job:      retired, almost 35 years in computer business

Hobbies:   Interested in woodturning since 1999, when I accidently met the last professional woodturner in Karlsruhe Peter Klein. That helped to strengthen my will, to improve my skill as a woodturner.

Courses:    1999 Peter Klein

          4/2004 Martin Weinbrecht in Neckarsteinach

          9/2004 Martin Weinbrecht in Neckarsteinach

          4/2005 Mike O’Donnell in Neckarsteinach

          5/2005 Petter Herud in Neckarsteinach

          3/2006 Phil Irons in Neckarsteinach


Another hobby is Ham Radio. Since 1962 I am a member of the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club, und since 1965 I have my license with the call-sign DL2HQ. I prefere to operate in morse code.

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